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Us ladies just want to change our hair, and that’s never going to change. We dream of deep, rich and dark colours one day, then right back to blonde the next.
For someone who hasn’t gone through dramatic shifts in shades, this might seem like an easy process that’s doable all in one go. But if you’ve ever had your hair taken from dark to anything light? You know it’s a major process that’ll happen over a few appointment not just the first one. However,that can get ugly if not done right.

If you take the right (patient) route to lighter locks, you won’t have to suffer through ugly hair in between your appointments.
However, you should most definitely expect warm tones.
Most people say, “Well, I just don’t want to be orange.” Totally understandable! But, before you get to the blonde you desire, your hair will hit all sorts of colours. And guess what? One of them can be orange.
If hints of orange are something you 100% don’t want to see at all in your hair, consider only doing a shade or two lighter each appointment. And you can still expect to see warm tones. They don’t have to be bright—your stylist should be able to tone them down to a nicer colour before you go even lighter. (But they probably won’t be the tone that you had in mind on the first go.)
So before lightening your hair remember to set realistic expectations, and ask your stylist about how to avoid your hair from snapping off. Here at Two Moons we often recommend Opalex!