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Are you struggling to find the best shampoo for your particular hair type? Have you tried all the expensive brands out there and still can’t seem to find the perfect shampoo for your hair problems? Do you feel overwhelmed when looking at the countless hair shampoos and conditioners both in physical stores and online? Why is having too many choices nowadays suddenly a problem?


When buying a shampoo, it’s important to look not only at the hair goals you are trying to achieve, but the ingredients and formulation of the shampoo you use to help you reach those goals.

Whether you need a shampoo for oily or dry hair, straight or curly hair, thick or thin hair, frizzy or fine hair, we’ll give you some guidelines that’ll help you find the perfect fit – something that’ll give your hair the treatment it deserves.

No more wasting time in stores and online. Let’s match your hair type with the ideal shampoo for you.

What is your hair texture?


Now that you have identified your hair texture, you will find choosing the right products for your hair a whole lot easier.


Find the solution for your hair…

Best shampoo and conditioner types for fine hair.

Volume Solution / unprecedented body and support.


Milk_Shake Volume Shampoo has been developed to give volume and body without weighing the hair down. It is suitable for all hair types and cleanses gently with its specific formula containing precious sugar cane derivatives that transform the hair giving body.


Paraben free, with a deep action, Milk_shake Volume Solution Conditioner gives softness and body without weighing the hair down. Containing precious sugar derivatives, it transforms and gives volume to all hair types, with a deep reviving action.This conditioner is perfect for hair that is a little limp and lifeless.


Best shampoo and conditioner types for hair thickening.

Scalp care / efficiency for scalp and hair


Milk_shake Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner uses the natural powers of organic rosemary, sage and Fioravanti balm extract purifies, fortifies hair and stimulates the scalp’s microcirculation to create an optimal environment for new hair growth. The blend of botanical extracts and special conditioners invigorates the hair stem and gives softness, panthenol gives more density to the hair, essential oils and eucalyptus instil a pleasant energizing feeling, leaving the scalp refreshed.


Best shampoo for a sensitive scalp.

Sensorial mint / the revitalising regime with organic mint.


Milk_Shake Sensorial Mint shampoo is a delicate SLS free invigorating and refreshing shampoo for the hair and scalp.The perfect frequent use shampoo solution to refresh hair and scalp after exercise and in the warmth of the summer. Organic mint extract adds a sensational mint leaf fragrance whilst the formula works on the scalp.


Milk_Shake Sensorial Mint Conditioner is moisturising and hydrating for the hair and scalp. The perfect frequent use conditioning solution to refresh and hydrate the hair and scalp after exercise and in the warmth of the summer.


Best Shampoo for color treated hair.

Color Care / protection for color-treated hair


Milk_shake Color Maintainer Shampoo is a hydrating and protective shampoo designed specifically for colour treated hair. Milk_shake have created this colour shampoo to care for the beauty and vitality of colour treated hair. Milk proteins and milk_shake’s patented Integrity 41 complex are the key ingredients and ensure this shampoo repairs the hair cuticle whilst protecting colour against free radicals. The hair is also protected from harmful sun rays.


Milk_shake color maintainer conditioner is the ultimate hydrating, protective and detangling conditioner for colour treated hair.Milk proteins maintain the hair’s moisture balance and Integrity 41 helps to prolong hair colour. Hair is left soft and radiant.

Best Shampoo for blonde hair.

Silver shine / the secret to beautiful blond hair.


This incredible Milk_shake Silver Shine Shampoo is key to healthy-looking, shiny blonde hair! It has the added benefit of removing brassy or unwanted yellow tones. It cleanses gently with its specific violet pigment, counteracting unwanted yellow or brassy tones in natural blond or bleached, grey or white hair. Gives hair shine, softness and vitality with its formula containing organic berry extracts and milk proteins. SLS and SLES free.

The reduction of violet pigment compared to the original Milk_shake Silver Shine Shampoo, makes Milk_shake Silver Shine Light Shampoo neutralise unwanted yellow or brassy tones moderately: ideal for those people who want a balanced, cool blond.