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Our Policies

Deposits Policy 


All new clients require a 50% deposit of your service booking, which will be taken at the time of booking.




 If you have missed your appointment with us in the past, please expect that we may ask you for a deposit next time, regardless of the cost of the appointment.



Deposits will be refunded as follows:


– Up to 1 week before your appointment date: 100% refund or carried over to your next appointment.
– Between 1 week and 48 hours prior to your appointment: 50% refund or carried over to your next appointment.
– Up to 24 hours prior to your appointment: No refund.






 Wedding hair appointments are booked following a complimentary consultation.




 A £50 deposit is required to secure your wedding with Two Moons Artist at the time of booking. Full payment will be required two weeks prior to your event when you will receive a full and final quote and a wedding timesheet.




Wedding deposits will be refunded as follows:




Up to 1 month before your wedding date: 100% refund or carried over to a new booking.
Between 1 month and two weeks prior to your wedding date: 50% refund or carried over into a new booking.
Up to two weeks prior to your wedding date: Nil




Complaints Policy 


 Two Moons Salon’s aims to guarantee customer satisfaction, but in circumstances where you do not feel this has been achieved, we encourage you to let us know and we will always strive to correct the service




All feedback will be used to develop and maintain our services and will received with gratitude. Delaying a complaint will seriously affect our ability to investigate and rectify, we kindly request that if you are not 100% satisfied with your service, for any reason, you inform us either via, 01642750990 (Ingleby) or 01642298339 (Nunthorpe) or in person within 7 days of the initial service.





Skin Testing  


 At both Two Moons salons -The safety of clients is always our priority. Colour clients must be skin tested 24-48 Hours prior to your appointment, this follows the salon insurance cover.


Clients who have to be skin tested: 


  • Every new client who attends one of our Two Moons Salon’s

  • Every client who has not had colour with us for 12 weeks

  • Every client who has previously had COVID19
  • A skin test may also be necessary following health and safety questions during a consultation


    You may be asked to do a simple skin test at home, if this is the case then we will guide you with the correct information to carry out this test 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. On your appointment your stylist will ask to see your test. This is to determine any allergic systems that may occur, if this is the case then you will be informed from your stylist, if she can carry on with your colour service or not. This must be carried out to follow salon insurance policy.

    Under 16’s

    We consider anyone under the age of 16 to be a minor. We do not allow any colour services on a minor. 




































































































































Education content must not be downloaded, reproduced, filmed or broadcast in any way without express permission of the Natalie McManus Education.
































































































































Membership fees for the Education Membership are debited monthly from the Client via a Stripe recurring payment set up by the Client during the registration process until cancelled by the Client or revoked by Natalie McManus Education. The Client’s billing cycle starts on the day of the month the initial payment was made.
































































































































Payment for workshops both face to face and online is payable through our website or via stripe/payfunnels on email. Once full payment is received it is non refundable (see clause 2) however if the client cannot attend the education booked then as long as upwards of 14 days notice is given, Natalie McManus Education will ‘credit’ the client for future education sessions to the value of what has been paid. If less than 14 days notice is received then no credit will be issued.
































































































































Natalie McManus Education reserves the right to cancel a Client’s access to the Membership and Private Facebook Group but will only do so on reasonable grounds and having firstly informed the Client. Refunds are not available should this happen part-way through a monthly billing cycle.
































































































































Natalie McManus Education is not responsible if the Client’s internet connection or IT equipment is not of a standard which would enable them to view the online content satisfactorily. This would not be grounds for a refund.
































































































































2. No Refunds
































































































































Because considerable time and effort has gone into creating all aspects of the Education Membership package and education workshops and masterclasses. if Client decides to withdraw from the Education Membership or pre booked workshops and masterclasses, no refunds, in full or in part, will be provided. Client fully agrees and understands that Client is responsible for monthly payments and can cancel the Education Membership at any time.
































































































































3. Failed Payments
































































































































In the event the Client fails to make a monthly payment, MemberSpace will contact you to retrieve the payment and encourage the client to update payment details. Client will get three emails to make payment before the Education Membership is suspended until the payment details are updated.
































































































































4. Case Studies and Testimonials
































































































































Natalie McManus Education has the right to use case studies of Client’s situations and results or Client testimonials in future work but without making reference to Client’s full identity. Client will always be contacted by Natalie McManus Education for approval prior to any case study or testimonial being published in which Client will be identified by full name or identity. By accepting these terms and conditions and affirmatively seeking the benefits of membership, Client affirmatively agrees and acknowledges that Natalie McManus Education may at any time reproduce and/or disseminate any testimonial describing or otherwise referencing, either directly or indirectly, Client’s experience with Natalie McManus Education, including any specific results experienced by You during the Education Membership and no compensation will be provided to You. Client agrees and acknowledges that this includes any written statements You may publish to social media accounts and online forums as well as any statements and/or images captured or otherwise recorded at any live, video, audio, or recorded event(s) in which You participate even if You aren’t intending to make such submission as a testimonial. Client further represents that any such statements or testimonials that You make during the Program shall be correct, accurate, and truthful.
































































































































5. Intellectual Property Rights
































































































































Natalie Education retains all ownership and intellectual property rights to the Education Membership, workshops and masterclasses and materials provided to Client through the Education Membership,Facebook group, education workshops and masterclasses, including all copyrights and any trademarks belonging to HEIR Education and/or Natalie McManus Education Team. The Membership, education workshops and masterclasses and Education Membership materials are being provided to Client for Your individual use only and with a single-user license for educational and informational purposes which means that You are not allowed or authorised to share, copy, sell, post, distribute, reproduce, duplicate, trade, resell, exploit, or otherwise disseminate any portion of the Program or Program materials, electronically or otherwise, for business or commercial use, or in any other way that earns You money to any other person or entity, without Natalie McManus Education prior written permission. No other license is being granted or implied to You.
































































































































The purpose of the Education Membership is to train and educate Client to improve hair styling techniques, knowledge and skills to assist Client in Your own practice and not for Client to learn and use this information to compete with Natalie McManus Education business or the membership, directly or indirectly, in any way. With that understanding, Client fully agrees that Client shall not use any of Natalie McManus Education or Natalie McManus Education Team’s intellectual property learned through the Program, in part or in full, for Client’s business in a way that competes, directly or indirectly with Natalie McManus Education business and such use shall be considered improper and unauthorised use of the Membership, and/or Education materials. Such intellectual property, including the Membership materials and Education materials, is a special, unique and valuable asset of Natalie McManus Education that has been created with extensive time and care. Client agrees not to teach, coach, launch or offer programs, services or information that is, or is perceived to be, the same as, or substantially similar to the Membership, in whole or in part, and/or in direct competition with Natalie McManus Education now or at any time in the future.
































































































































6. Non-Solicitation
































































































































Natalie McManus Education intends for our education platforms to be a positive learning experience for all participants, free from sales or marketing from any of the Natalie McManus members. Client agrees that the Client will not at any time during the Education Membership, or during or after the term of this Agreement solicit business, attempt to solicit business, advertise or teach about Natalie McManus Education area of expertise, or enter into business relationships with Natalie McManus Education or Natalie McManus Education Team’s past or current clients or Membership and Education clients, without the prior written permission of Natalie McManus Education. Client agrees and understands that Client is not to market, gift or sell Natalie McManus Education programs, products, services or information, directly or indirectly, through any of the platforms provided by HEIR Education during the Education Membership, including but not limited to videos, member forums, members’ website, social media groups/pages, e-mail communications, chats, or by any other form of communication. Client agrees not to solicit, influence or attempt to solicit or influence any of Natalie McManus Education or Natalie McManus Education clients, customers, Program participants, employees, or contractors, either directly or indirectly, to direct any purchase or use of products and/or services from Client or provide advertising, marketing, gift or sale of any products or services of any kind, to any of Natalie McManus Education clients, customers, membership participants, employees, or contractors, without the prior written permission of HEIR Education. In addition, Client agrees not to hire or enter into agreements with Natalie McManus Education current contractors, team members, or employees or solicit or persuade, or attempt to solicit or persuade, any of Natalie McManus Education employees, contractors, consultants, or persons in the process of being recruited to hold such positions, to end or to modify any existing relationship with Natalie McManus Education, or not to enter a relationship with Natalie McManus Education. A perceived or proven breach of this section of the Agreement is considered material and is grounds for immediate termination of Natalie McManus Education participation in the Membership without notice.
































































































































7. Personal Responsibility & Assumption of Risk
































































































































Client acknowledges that Client takes full responsibility for all decisions made before, during and after the Membership and education platforms used by the client, and knowingly assumes all of the risks of the Education platforms, whether known or unknown, related to Client’s use, misuse, or non-use of the Program or any of Natalie McManus education materials. Client accepts and agrees that there are many factors that contribute to the success of the Client which are outside of Natalie McManus Education’s control; therefore, Client accepts and agrees that Client is 100% responsible for Client’s progress and results from Natalie McManus Education, and Natalie McManus Education Makes no guarantees as to the outcome of the education platforms used.
































































































































Client has own and adequate insurance policy. Natalie McManus Education only advises and doesn’t take responsibility for the utilisation of advice. Natalie McManus Education is brand neutral and so recommend client following their manufacturers guidelines and own insurance and public liability advice.
































































































































8. Disclaimer
































































































































Client is aware that Natalie McManus Education is not a physician or licensed medical provider and therefore does not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease, and therefore is not a replacement for Client’s medical doctor, therapist or physician. Client acknowledges that Natalie McManus Education is not a medical provider, psychotherapist, employment agent, business manager, or financial analyst. Client understands that while HEIR Education has used care in preparing the information provided to Client, the Membership and Education Membership, workshop and masterclass materials are being provided as self-help tools for Client’s own use and for informational and educational purposes only. Client agrees that Natalie McManus Education is not responsible for Client’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, for financial earnings or losses, or for any other result or outcome that Client may experience through Natalie McManus Education. Nothing related to our education platforms is intended to be considered medical, mental health, legal, financial, or religious advice in any way. For specific questions related to a medical or mental health situation, consult Your own medical or mental health professional. For specific questions related to Your financial or legal circumstances consult Your own attorney, accountant, and/or financial advisor. For specific questions related to religion, spirituality, or faith, consult Your own clergy member or spiritual healer. Do not start or stop taking any medications because of anything You have read or received through Natalie McManus Education.
































































































































9. No Warranty
































































































































Natalie McManus Education makes no warranty that the services will meet Client’s pre-conceived expectations or that all Client’s will achieve the same or similar results. The education material is provided on an ‘as is’ basis without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. Natalie McManus Education disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise, with respect to the education through or on behalf of Natalie McManus Education under this agreement, including, without limitation, any implied warranty or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non infringement and any implied warranty arising from course of performance, course of dealing or usage of trade.
































































































































10. Limitation of Liability
































































































































Client accepts all risks, foreseeable or non-foreseeable, arising from such transactions and client’s use of Natalie McManus Education platforms. In no event will the aggregate liability of Natalie McManus Education with regard to the education, the education exceed the compensation paid by Client to Natalie McManus Education under this Agreement. Natalie McManus Education shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages (including, without limitation, damages for any loss of profit, revenue, data, business or use) even if such party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Client agrees that Natalie McManus Education employees, affiliates, representatives, successors and assigns shall not be liable for any acts or omissions of Natalie McManus Education
































































































































11. Indemnification
































































































































Client shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Natalie McManus Education and its employees, affiliates, agents, representatives, successors and assigns from and against any and all liabilities and expense whatsoever, including without limitation, claims, damages, losses, judgments, awards, settlements, investigations, costs, attorney’s fees, disbursements and any other liabilities which any of them may incur or become obligated to pay arising out of or resulting from the offering for sale, the sale, and/or use of the education.
































































































































12. Membership Termination
































































































































Should Client wish to terminate the Education Membership, Client is to notify Natalie McManus Education by sending an e-mail to In the event that Client is part way through the month of payment then the Education Membership will remain available until the following payment is due. Natalie McManus Education will then cancel the Education Membership. Alternatively Client may cancel through MemberSpace site.
































































































































13. Non-Disparagement
































































































































Client agrees that if You have a question or concern about the Education, that You come to Natalie McManus Education or Natalie McManus Education Team directly to resolve the issue. Natalie McManus Education agrees to make Natalie, Natasha and/or Natalie McManus Education Team available during weekday business hours to discuss by e- mail any concerns or disputes Client may have with regard to the Membership in an effort to resolve them privately and professionally. Thus Client agrees to not publicly or privately make any negative or critical comments about Natalie McManus Education, Natalie McManus Education Team, Natalie McManus Education business or contractors, the membership, other Education Membership participants or to communicate with any other individual, company or entity in a way that disparages or harms the reputation of the foregoing in any way, including on social media at any time. As a part of the legal process, of course, Client is not prohibited from publicly sharing Client’s thoughts and opinions.
































































































































Wellness & Wellbeing
We take the health, safety and wellness of our team very seriously.
































































































































Each employee is supported and developed to exceed in a positive, safe and structured work environment.