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Two Moons Hairdressing has a wide range of colouring treatments and services, for men and women to suit a range of lengths, thicknesses and personal tastes. See a few of the services we offer below.


The Ombre hair coloring technique has taken the hair color world by storm.


Balayage, taken from the French word meaning “to sweep”, is a freehand technique in which swatches of hair are sectioned and hand painted against a backing board with a lightening agent. After painting, each swatch is covered in cellophane. As balayage highlights are less systematically placed, you end up with fatter, less symmetrical, more random highlights, resulting in a more casual, relaxed finish.


Root colouring treatments are great for recolouring new hair growth to blend in to previously dyed hair. This is less time consuming and costly than a full head colouring treatment as it only covers the roots of the hair.

Full Colour

Full-head hair colouring is used to change the colour of hair from one to another. This can range from slight changes all the way to bright and vibrant blues and reds. Colourings can be temporary for short-term changed up to permanent which can last upwards of 6 months.


Highlights are achieved by sectioning off small or large sections of hair and colouring them darker to the original hair colour. These can be done in natural colours such as blondes and browns and also in unnatural colours such as blue and green. Highlighting makes hair appear thicker and fuller and is recommended for people with thin and fine hair for this.